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Daily Supplements of Gratitude

Let’s be real, for the most part blogging is just plain silly. Does anyone really care?
I’m voting “Nay.”
So, being as this is a class assignment, I’ll be keeping it as brief as possible.
As autumn nears I can’t help but think of the holiday season, first up Halloween, (Why don’t kids trick-or-treat anymore? I’m guessing it’s because parents don’t want their kids seeing my drunk peers dress up like slutty Disney characters and stumble through the streets) followed by Thanksgiving, our long awaited American holiday of gluttony… I mean… thank..ful…ness?
As the unofficial dress rehearsal for Christmas, thanksgiving has seared in memories of a much younger version of me being fully primped and strapped into a dinning room chair. Impatiently kicking my feet against the worn wooden chair rungs, the few nerve endings and brain cells I had sizzled, as our guests monologued about what they were “thankful for.” (This clearly goes against Thanksgiving Rule #281: “No child should have to restrain themselves from eating cans of cranberry sauce for more than ten minutes.” My family neglected to follow this rule…which is probably why I have an astigmatism.)
In loo of past Thanksgivings, in tandem with a strong desire to keep my remaining synapses firing, this year I’m going to start being thankful early and hope that it catches on. So when we get to turkey time we can all just shut up and enjoy what we are really there for- engorgement!
Today I’d like to inform you that I am thankful for this new website I just learned about called
“Cadyou is a new community for digital designers to find and share high quality files. Our goal is to create a resource of free, high quality files for everyone to use, licensed under Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses.
Unlike many websites which let user upload their own content, cadyou is moderated ensuring that each file made available reaches quality standards, is tagged well and has great thumbnails so it is easy to find what you need.”
Cadyou is responsible for the wonderful woodgrain pattern behind my blog. Way cool!
you can also, like me, follow Cadyou on twitter if your heart so desires.
More posts about what I’m grateful for in the near future! Thanks for reading.

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