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Day 2… Gratitude

Good morning to everyone!

I’m feeling especially grateful at the moment! My friends Vanessa, Kevin and Egan came over and helped me out with a commercial I had to make for one of my marketing classes. It’s the first commercial I have ever been completely in charge of from story board to final editing and uploading. It was a complete team Kristose & friends effort and without all the great people who pitched in tonight it would have never been finished in time.

I considered writing my day 2 blog about how much my friends bring joy into my life- but they are all so good that I think I am going to have to dedicate a day per individual. Yes… that means that if you are reading this you will probably be interviewed for my blog in the near future.

Today though, I’d like to be officially thankful for the hot schedules Iphone application.

“Whaaaaaaaaat??” you say.

Well, let me give you a slight bit more information about me! In addition to being a student, teaching dance, and being a totally awesome blogger (ok maybe that one is a W.I.P.) I am a bartender/server at PF Changs China Bistro.  ( Trying to remember all the crazy varying in times for shifts week to week is a real pain. Enter Hot Schedules: an eco friendly, internet version of a paper schedule, customized to each employee. HS is used by tons of corporate restaurants like BJ’s, Cheesecake Factory and of course good ol’ chang bangs. The HS app just takes the idea a step further making it possible to look up when I’m working within a few taps. In fact, I would even dare to say that the iphone hot schedules UI is far superior to the normal computer version adding an easy way to see when ever one else is working (I call it the stalker option)

So thank you Hot schedules and hot schedules application for making my life just slightly easier… if only they could import into my mobile me account-then I would be in heaven.

As always you can follow PF Chang’s and Hot Schedules on Twitter (

I’ll tweet the link to my first ever commercial  (

Thanks again for reading and keep your glass half full.


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