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A round of applauso (that’s spanish!) for Guest Speaker Chris Borders

Tonight in ADV 121 we were lucky enough to have Chris Borders come in and discuss the laws surrounding trademarks, sweepstakes, and contests. I found it really interesting to learn about all the fine print that goes into making sure you aren’t going to be sued for giving away prizes unfairly. You would think that most people would read that fine print at the end giving you all the stipulations to your potential 7 day trip for 2 to Hawaii, but upon reflection I realized I’ve never taken the time to really review those things either. Furthermore I didn’t know that upon winning a prize, like a jet-ski, you are expected to pay the taxes on its estimated retail value. One of the other students brought up a fine point about celebrity meet-ups. What kind of estimated retail value would a meeting with Ke$ha have? I mean how much would you be willing to pay, in taxes, to have lunch with Ke$ha? For my friend Iheke Iheke (aka the Captain… get it?… I.I…. like aye aye… no?)  the amount is close to the sales of her debut album.

So my dear readers (since there are apparently readers to my blog… 8 of you… from who knows where…) whom would you be willing to pay taxes on?

For me it’s a toss up between Twyla Tharp, and Stephen Sondheim. I’d pay maybe 200 bucks in taxes to sit down and have lunch with them.

Getting back on track: Thank you Chris Borders for coming in and talking to us. It was a real educational treat!


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