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Quickly Market… poorly named- but great tea!!

So today’s entry is about one of my favorite places near the SJSU campus: Quickly market (located on forth street near togos.) I have joked many times that for being called “quickly” they sure do take a lot of time to make a tea with tapioca pearls but nonetheless their product is worth the wait.

When I lived in Los Angeles a few years ago many of my coworkers were very fond of boba tea. I’d watch them slurp up these strange blue grey balls at the bottom of their drinks thinking it looked a lot like fish eyeballs. I hate to say I was judging them- but I most definitely was. It looked awful. it must taste awful. They must have burnt all their taste buds off of their tongue in some freak accident and now they can’t tell they are eating fish eyeballs in some kind of orange carrot juice looking mix…

Well, two years and some months later, with many baby steps in between (including the introduction of thai iced tea by Jessie Dewath thx man!) I had this mixture of Thai milk tea and large tapioca pearls for the first time and now I’m hooked.  Plus there is something really great about the fact that I can’t read the majority of their menu.

Quickly market has a range of locations, but my favorite ones are obviously near by.

Here’s their website

I suggest you go give them a try, but like I said… allow at least 20 minutes.

We wanna know what you thought!

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