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Maureen Reagan and Project Management.

Once again my Tuesday night advertising class gave us another wonderful experience with our guest speaker Maureen Reagan.

Not only was Maureen extremely interesting and knowledgeable she so was absolutely hilarious.

Here’s a little background on her-

“Maureen Reagan channels her attention-to-detail and obsession with to-do lists as a member of Yahoo!’s Global Consumer Marketing team. As Sr. Marketing Manager, Maureen is responsible for bringing a variety of consumer programs to life. Her experience includes efforts around this past summer’s World Cup and Yahoo! News’ current mid-term elections site: Ask America. Previously, Maureen held similar roles within Yahoo!, and at several advertising agencies, most recently Saatchi & Saatchi.” – via G. Nortey’s email brief.

I really enjoyed her points regarding her saying “WWYD” (what would you do?) which was a segment on yahoo’s reach towards social networking. She covered the of foursquare… something I knew nothing about until now. She also encourages people ‘fan’-ing your favorite brands on facebook because there is a lot of really good information you can receive about the things you are passionate about.

On yahoo’s page you can take polls about the upcoming midterm election (ARE YOU VOTING??? YOU SHOULD!!!) and you can choose to post what your opinions are on other social networking sites with just a few simple clicks. This is a very intelligent way to promote their poll, via the power of FB. There will also an ask america van that will be touring the country handing out apple pie and providing a literal soap box for people to stand on and express their opinions on any issue they would like to discuss.

I know everyone in our class really enjoyed her coming in so hats off to Maureen.

Until next time!


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