guest speakers / San Jose State University

Potenza’s The Hearts of the World.

Tuesday night’s Consumer Behavior class brings another guest speaker. Sitting in my usual front corner of the classroom, laptop open, signed into wordpress I waited to take notes for my ritual after-adv-121 evening blog post. I was not necessarily enthused-expecting our third presenter would  zoom through a jam packed power point presentation, leaving me slightly stunned due to information overload at our 8:45 release time.

As I pondered what we would be listening to for the next hour and a half, a woman in a grey, knee length overcoat walked in and sat down on a stool in the front of the room. Knees and feet paralleled, her legs touching with her hands delicately folded into her lap, she had the most humble energy which drew me to abandon the facebook surfing I had unknowingly lost myself to. She showed us a video of some of her work and when the lights came back on she spoke.  “I’m going to tell you a story but first I’d like to ask you a question, ‘how much difference can can one person make?'”

Her voice was enchanting, with lingerings of a scottish accent twanging every other word. She began to tell us the most winding life story filled with Kings, prime ministers, The United Nations, the Dali Lama (who was at SJSU today!), a 360 foot painting, and her current project: The hearts of the world.

Potenza’s artist statement
“My commitment as an artist is to have my work permanently exhibited in every country and to have people who view my work moved into action in their own family, community, and country. One person can make a difference in creating a world that works for everyone.”

That might seem like a bunch of blah blah blah artist statement but if you ever get the chance to meet this woman I would not pass it up. She has the purist heart that only wants to give love and peace to the world. She was incredibly refreshing and reassuring that even in this jaded world, love for everything can easily be yours by changing  your personal perspective. I spent most of the evening trying to frantically jot down her enlightening perspectives on life while watching her over the brim of my screen. Every time she would try to perch herself back on the stool she would remember another great story to tell us and  be standing in full animation reliving the event as she told it to us.

A special thanks to Sandra Humphrey, Potenza’s manager, for the kind words she shared with me at the end of class. My group won the pitch for the promotions of the hearts of the world (which is 2/2 for me now!!)

OHH!! I almost forgot!! LOL!! The Hearts of the World is a series of painting of hearts each painting is dedicated to a country using only the flag’s colors to paint the heart. They are really great to look at and I challenge you to try and see how many you can recognize just by the color scheme and design. Go check out her work on her website and buy a t-shirt if you like it. The shirts are made of organic cotton and 5% of the proceeds go to UNICEF.

“some times prayer is just not up to the task. We must put in some peaceful action”- Potenza quoting the Dali Lama.

good night my readers.

Tomorrow lets all try to do one extra act of kindness 🙂



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