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Motorola and Randy Ksar

Alumni Randy Ksar came and spoke to us two weeks ago (sorry it took me so long to post! I’m trying to keep this updated but I need time to do other things like my dishes lol) about his career in business and social media. Randy is full of good quotes and industry knowledge! “Social media is about feedback” he says “It’s about content that you are creating not the fact that you are online on social media- what’s interesting to your audience? What do they want to learn about? Behind the scenes?”

Randy stressed the importance of “content with emotional connection.” Through experience he has learned that video and audio is much more engaging to audiences than a text banner. He added “Don’t lie. Everyone can tell a bs’er miles away… And it’s not about how nice your camera is. It’s about the content.”

He left us with a few tips that I found really interesting- So I will share with you my trusty readers!

#1 invest in internal advocacy- educate employees

#2 monitor social media for your brand, industry, and competitors

#3 be a risk taker

#4 create and share an editorial calendar

#5 constantly network internally and externally

#6 always have a business card.

Randy left us with a project to help market an App for the android phone called “Live Tennis.” Unfortunately I was unable to pitch my ideas to him at the next class because I was absent (SORRY!!) but it was still a really interesting project and a great speaker for our class. Thank you again Randy for taking the time to come talk to us!

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