What Google has to say about Karma

I recently had a child ask me what ‘karma’ was and I thought to rattle off something like “it’s when good things happen because you’re good, and bad things happen cause you’re bad.” But lets be honest, karma isn’t some kind of celestial vending machine where I put in my good deed tokens and get to pick a prize.

(I'd put my good deed tokens in the one on the right) image courtesy of The Glass-Bottom Blog

So how does one describe Karma? I pondered, and then turned to only way anyone knows about anything these days: I googled it.

First up: a well formatted definition.


  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in…
  2. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.
fortune – fate – destiny

Pretty dry. On to Google images:

** note: the following images have naughty words under them, not intended for those who still have curfews. BUT if you can drink, and order yourself a bride from eastern europe, coast is clear. Please read on.**

Interesting, Karma is a bitch, yet no dogs have been depicted…only cats… confusing? NEXT.

Google Video:  “Karma Ghost”


After watching that video dont’ you think the little karma ghost should have their own baby karma ghosts to answer to (I mean, who said it was ok for them to decide to kill that dude?)

In conclusion, google has now taught me that real karma = death. If you do enough bad things in your life, you’ll die– probably in some horribly ironic fashion.

And that’s what I’ll be telling children from now on.

Coming up next week: How to perform medical procedures via Wikihow.

Have a great evening dudes and dudettes. 😛 ‘tose.

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