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I got 32,000 tweets by halftime!!.. oh wait… that wasn’t me

Well hello there my faithful readers, sorry it’s been so long, I took a break over winter break at school. What really matters today though is that it was the super bowl and that means something interesting to watch on tv. No, not the game, the ads.

Fox News (not by any means my favorite news source) felt Doritos dominated the competition for best ads this year.

and apparently Doritos, (not me… darn it) was tweeted about 32,000 times before halftime. Crazy right? How foolish of me to not think once about tweeting while watching football!

So this all kinda relates back to an assignment I have to do tonight about looking at an ad and trying to figure out how they went from the product to the craziness of what you see/hear. How do the best ideas come to people? Are they stock ideas that can be applied to pretty much any item within a category or do advertisers create original concepts after receiving they product/service as a client?

I know, with dance, that when I am walking down the street and I see something interesting I log it in an internal bank of choreographic elements I’d like to compile later. Is advertising creativity the same? Do you see a mom sighing as she’s trying to scrub ice cream off a shirt and think this would be a great way to start a commercial for day spas or laundry detergent or (even better) ice cream that doesn’t stain clothing!?!

I view creativity just like an invention, but I wonder if my performance creativity will be the same as my advertising world creativity since it’s physical v.s. primarily visual.

I also decided to out myself on this blog. That’s right. I’ve just got to tell you all that in fact I did submit an ad I did last semester to the student ADDYs (keep your fingers crossed for me) we find out on the 26th of this month.

All right my readers it’s good to be back. I look forward to speaking to you more often now that school is back in swing!!


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