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Nashville trip

Hey all my readers,

So the last couple weeks have been insane! I have spent more time out of town than in town traveling around and seeing places that I may want to move to after college. 

So here’s my report on Nashville.

My dear friend Kamryn, a recent SJSU graduate, and I arrived at the airport Nashville airport around 10am on February 10th. We had been told by our friends that we would not need a car in Nashville since we were staying downtown but decided to take a look anyway.

The lovely Hertz man gave us a great deal @13.95 a day for a car, so we decided to take him up on the offer and within about 30 minutes we were in our economy class ford focus. Let me take a moment and let you all know that our friend was a HUGE LIAR. Nashville is definitely a city you need a car in; it’s not a San Francisco, or a New York. Their public transportation is awful, everything is spread out, you need a car or you will die of boredom from the maybe five simi-interesting streets you’d have access to.

I wanted to check out some of the Ad agencies in Nashville while we were there but their websites left me uninspired…

I liked this one until I scrolled half way down the page and saw their “got milk” I mean… common guys we all know you didn’t do got milk… why would you put that on your page? I’m sure Goodby Silverstein would be thrilled. I still appreciated their attempts at being humorous, fresh and fun though so I gave them a couple extra brownie points.

I’m just going to throw it out there and say- Hey You ADVERTISERS!! This thing called the internet MATTERS, if you can’t make a good website about yourself why would anyone want to be your client?

Ok moving on.

Being from California we both noted that Tennessee is not into community beautification. The streets are very drab on only small select parts of town have quaint tree lined avenues or any kind of tourist geared aesthetics. Whenever we went to the parts of town that were “cleaned up” we ended up running into yuppies who wished they were in California and any kind of midwest/southern influence was completely lost.

We felt the same about Kentucky- which we day tripped to as well

I promise there were also good parts! I had a to die for Salmon BLT with tater tots friend in duck fat, and some fried green tomaters

we also had some delicious BBQ from Bill’s BBQ in Memphis TN (3.5 hours from our home base of Nashville) We found a couple great bars, heard a TON of live music and tapped back into the meaning of “having soul.” I also sang two country songs which was absolutely frightening since my southern accent leaves a lot of be desired.

On the trek of finding places I’d like to live for the next five years or so- Nashville didn’t really do it for me. But finding out what doesn’t work is an important part in finding what will be a good fit.

So cheers to Nashville and a honky tonk’n good time.



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