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Filthy Rich Poster for Spring 2011 and a few notes about the week

Alright my friends, here it is the rough draft of the Company One poster for spring 2011.

On top of getting this flyer finished, we had our first touring performance at Ohlone College in Fremont and our lovely Company Swag came in as well!! Very very cool!


Next week we have another Performance at Westmont High School, we visited them last year with OfCorpse! so it will neat to go back and see how the school looks after a year of wear a tear.


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More on this week- I’m starting a project at Scotts Valley High School, choreographing a few musical numbers for Urinetown. I’ve decided to use Facebook Groups as my way of communicating to them when I’m not there. Facebook Groups seems like a great way of keeping your “friends” organized. Plus I can upload videos to the group and they can view them from their computer or smart phone. I’ll keep you posted about the success/ failure of using a social network as means of communicating important information with high school students.

Well, I’m heading back into class, I’ve got an InDesign project to get crack’n on and I have to FINISH MOVING THIS WEEKEND!!! AHHH!!!



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