neat little extras

When you get a second- check some of this nifty stuff out.

I just wanted to share some cool (some free) things that I’ve come across in the last few days.

In my MCOM 63 class we were talking about where you can find free images online and in my hunt for related information I came across some interesting little extras. 

First of fall this neat other blog

I actually made my new header with one of the wallpapers off of his blog!

Also very neat is YIW (your inspiration web) They’ve got tons of extra cool information about how to customize your wordpress blog

I also really appreciated this article regarding fonts

Lastly, check out Veer! I’ve found some really neat fonts on their website, but let me warn you now, it’s not cheap!

At the least you can always use it for inspiration and go from there.

-Cheers and happy crafting to ya!

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