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Cabrillo Stage Auditions! and a rant about craigslist ;-)

Hairspray (musical)

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Hey there readers!

Tomorrow are the auditions for Cabrillo Stage’s summer season! Supa’ exciting!

I’m singing “One Night” from All Shook Up and attempting to act like a 15 year old version of myself so I can maybe make it into Hairspray!

Cabrillo is also doing Full Monty, which I would love to be able to do as well, but I have a feeling there is no way I’ll get in since it is a more mature and smaller cast (but I can still dream right?) 

Voice lesson with Izetta went well today, so now all I need to do is not strain my voice at PF Changs tonight and get some good old shut eye.

In other pieces of my life, I have almost finished moving! Now all that is left is to sell some furniture on craigslist. sounds simple right? WRONG-O!

Craigslist has become a dirty version of what it used to be. Last night I posted 40 ads for various things I’m selling. This morning I had 25 e-mails, 4 which were horribly disguised scams and 3 that were links-aka phishing scams. I just think it really stinks that nothing can exist in this world for long without being tarnished by a-holes who have nothing better to do than try and steal grandma’s identity.

On the brighter side of things I sold 3 items today and made 60 bucks so yee-haw.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I can’t wait to get out there and show them what I got!


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