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Dear Twitter, We’re lost. Sincerely, The Majority.

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Ok so I know I’m not alone in trying to comprehend what in the world twitter is about! Sure, when you’re famous your name alone makes you a “followable” account. But for the few of us who aren’t famous, but aspire to become noticed- how do you become notable in a sea of tweets?

Well, according to Nathan Hangen (@nhangen who’s also pretty darn cute) for, “getting noticed is one of the crucial aspects of getting more “legit” followers and building a following that converts into blog readers, buyers, and fans, finding ways to get noticed is extremely important.”

Interestingly enough it seems the best way to keep yourself on the forefront of Twitter is to treat your account like a campaign. (Hmm… sounds like Prof. Young might know what he’s talking about :-P) Hangen sums the article up “Just like everywhere else, Twitter rewards creativity, originality, and honesty. Make that your creed and eventually you will become a leader in your niche.”

Applying this to myself is simple- if you are creating a social media campaign your twitter account will already be focused on that brand. As for my own personal account- I am a brand- and I’m starting to figure out how I am going to promote it the right ways and get noticed.

Less than two months till graduation. Rock. And. Roll.

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