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Using my iPhone to write a post!

I just downloaded the free WordPress app for my iPhone 3G. It’s a very simple app, just posting and editing of pages, blog posts, and comments (which y’all don’t seem to like to leave… Stop texting me what you think!! Just leave it here!)

I digress, this post is a tribute to the very smart phone I am writing it on. iPhone, I love you! Without your great abilities I would have been (quite literally) lost a long time ago. You’re my running partner, blasting out the tunes, my mini computer that fits in my back pocket, and my walkie-talkie with my boyfriend in Japan (heytell app. Check it out! It’s super fun!) I’ll even forgive you telephonic communicator for dropping my phone calls within every five minutes, if you can forgive me for dropping you all the time (especially when you flew out my bedroom window to the concrete 25 feet below… That one I’m especially sorry for!)

This phone has been a key component of my job hunting recently. I can respond to emails, upload new interviews into the cloud and to all my calendars with MobileMe, and of course the basics of texting, phone calls and GPS navigation to all the new places I’ve gone (SF is so confusing to me!)
So here’s to you iPhone! Thanks for keeping me so connected and on the pulse of everybody’s “check-ins” on facebook.

Till next time!!

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