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A bit of recent success

I just wanted to share a little bit of success I had today. I’m currently an administrator of a facebook fan page for a company* I’m working for (if you really want to find out who it is you can do some digging to find out) and one of my objectives is to double the fan base on facebook.

Easy right? Well, in the first couple weeks I wasn’t so sure. Doubling a fan base is kind of daunting task when you’re looking at it one profile at a time. This company* also is not convinced that they want to put out an ad on facebook promoting their page so I’m faced with the challenge for drawing in people without spending any money. Sounding more impossible?

Well, I’m figuring out how to work around it.

After a few weeks of watching my analytics slowly grow I’m happy to report that it’s working!

Right now I am in the first step of a three step plan and I’ve managed to have a 25% growth in fan base in the last 6 hours. (A small victory, but nonetheless, I am prevailing!) I then looked further and realized that there was more to celebrate!
I’m still having the same amount of impressions, but the feedback for each post has sky rocketed 216% since I took over.

Just wanted to celebrate with you, since the little victory dances I do every time I refresh the facebook page weren’t doing it for me anymore šŸ˜›

I’ll keep you posted how step 2 and 3 go, and like always, thanks for reading!


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