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Everybody Loves a Winner!

Happy weekend readers!

I’m currently running a contest for one of the companies I work for and it has made me realize something that I thought I would share with you: Everybody loves to win free stuff!

Now, that may seem all too obvious in a ‘cake or death’ kind of way. But bare with me here cause there’s more to this observation.

People are willing to put a decent amount of thought and effort into winning something of minimal value. Take coke points for example: every time you have a coke you have to hold on to the top, turn on your computer when you get home, go to their website, log in to your account and then type in the code, to redeem points that are upsettingly fractional towards a commemorative plastic wall clock. Why people do this is beyond me, but they do.

I the case of my contest I’m asking participants to post a fairly personal piece of information about themselves from the last five years on the public facebook wall of the company. And what do they win? Two tickets to preview of one of the shows… valued at approx $10.00. The stories have been touching and relatively personal; speaking tenderly of babies being born, weddings and devastating divorces. But for ten bucks I wouldn’t air my heartbreak to a room full strangers!

I guess what’s really important in the end is someone will win and in the mean time the contest is doing great things for building community on our wall and continuing to grow that fan base!!

**Just a little personal update**

I’m still job hunting. Waiting to hear back from a really neat company in the next few days *fingers crossed* they feel like a good fit. So think good thoughts for me!!


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