Kris Updates

The Job Search Continues…

I’m still searching for a job, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how competitive the marketplace is. It’s insane! I have now been one of the final candidates twice for positions with over 150 applicants and still it seems, no dice!

I will say that many prospective employers have enjoyed reading my blog, and I love hearing that you’re reading it and that the content is interesting enough to get me an interview! But you’re giving me employment blue balls now, and no one likes a tease šŸ˜›

Yes, everything happens for a reason and that I should be thankful that I am currently employed but I can see the light at the end of my seasonal contract tunnel and I’m ready and excited to take my skill set (with a couple new tricks I’ve gained in the last three months) and apply them to new project.

Mainly, the problem is that I go to these rounds of interviews and get really excited about all the possibility that could come from working in the position. I’m easily passionate about what I’m doing and have no problem with tedious, borderline mind-numbing work because I can make ANYTHING fun.

But when it’s been three weeks since I interviewed and you still say I’m being considered, and you’ve checked all my references, and we aren’t going forward… you’re starting to send a conflicting message. (I can almost apply the teaching of “He’s Just Not That Into You” towards the employment process.)

None the less here I am, continuing the hunt and hoping that something pops up.Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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