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A little me time, thoughts on facebook ads and maybe something else… if you’re lucky.

On nights, like this, when the world seems a bit amiss… I’ll write you all a blog post.

Today marks the first day that I did completely stuff for me! Well, minus the five hours of performing, but who’s counting?

I feel like a lot of ‘me’ time is spent thinking about others. Do you have this problem too? Like I am walking downtown minding my own personal me time business and then BAM! I see a book I think someone will love. So I buy it for them (this certain someone’s birthday is coming up) and then I end up scheming for a couple hours about how I’d like to present said gift: Should I mail it? present it at their party? give it to them when we are alone?

“Enough!” I exclaim-, “it’s a f’n book! Not a diamond ring or a new car… jesus…” But other than over plotting and taking to lord’s name in vain, it was  a grand day.

So lets talk a little business now shall we?

I am lucky enough to work for a company where marketing experiments are completely welcome, if not overly encouraged. So we happened to do some Facebook ads and I just have to say that Facebook is mighty high on their horses to charge 1.50 a click for a horribly designed ad. I mean really Facebook? You can barely make out what is in the thumbnail sized photo. And what the hell am I supposed to say with less characters than a tweet? I mean, really guys? You’re killing me.


Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just being lame and stamping my feet in a one woman tantrum?


Like always love love love to hear your thoughts!



A little extra- does anyone actually care about google+ cause I don’t! They’ve already seen a decline in users and they’re only a month in. You’d think they would’ve know that Goliath isn’t going down with just a pebble this time.


We wanna know what you thought!

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