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Summer Rehash– What three months can be.

It’s not often that I have time to write theses days, the summer went by incredibly fast and now I’m standing on the edge of fall thinking I’ve left all you readers (and possibly myself) in the dust. So let’s get the low down rollin’ shall we?

End of May

I said good bye to SJSU and Company One-it was a turbulent two years full of self discovery and refining of who I am and want to be. I also choreographed my last musical for Scotts Valley High School, moved out of my apt. and quit my bar tending job– wow. Needless to say 24 year old Kris had just closed the door on another epic chapter of her life.

Some of the PF Chang's Crew

Kevin, Vanessa and I ready to finish school

My last show with Company One

With 80% of my belongings in storage, I moved into my parent’s house and caught a plane to Japan.


The first day of June was like a submersion into a very cold bath tub. I had taken a red eye to Okinawa Japan as a gift to myself for finishing college. Not knowing a lick of Japanese (and never really enjoying charades) I had a hard time communicating where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. In turn, I spent a good amount of time walking, getting caught in rain storms, trying to figure out what I wanted to eat, and a bit of shopping too.

The highlight of the trip had to be seeing whale sharks at the aquarium. Magnificent, graceful and barely ten feet away! Its hard to not feel blessed by the gifts we’re given by our fellow man’s imaginative creations. (high five to the guy who made fish bowls!)

A hand drawn map of my adventures

I returned from Japan having lived the same day twice over, I came home from the airport and went directly to rehearsal for the new show I was in–Hairspray.

Hairspray in itself (just like Japan) should of had multiple blog posts. There were times when I loved it, and times when I wanted to walk into rehearsal and quit. As the curtain fell on opening night I looked at one of my fellow cast members in disbelief that I had actually made it to that moment.

Nicest Kids in Town

I learned how to not be the center of attention, and struggled with the fact that I felt my full potential wasn’t being utilized by the show. The opportunity to perform gave me a lot of insight that I don’t want to make my living showing off bits of my talent on stage. For some this may be an excellent career but for me, I’d rather just teach.

my favorite picture from the show.

As the summer months moved my job search became more desperate (I did take a moment to write about this) I was determined to get a job  to the point of checking Craigslist three times a day, having tons on phone interviews for positions across the US via submissions and spending a ridiculous amount of my free time kaing sure my professional website looked on point.

One job interview I even went through the effort of gathering all my writing samples, resume, cover letter, and portfolio pieces. Printed 4 copies, all in color, dropping about 100 bucks on bindings. If you can imagine the following scene: It’s 3 a.m. the morning of my interview, I’m sitting in kinkos creating a cover sheet for my portfolio on my laptop and can’t decide what color I should use for the gradient . One hand propping up my head and brow furrowed I had the “ah-ha” moment of “if they really give a shit whether it’s blue or yellow, then clearly I shouldn’t be working there. I went with yellow.

My interview went fantastic, they really liked me… then nothing for three weeks which lead me well into


Now July gets pretty exciting, so if you’re still reading this banter it’s about to pay off. Turns out, I didn’t get the job. I was mad that I had been lead on again by a prospective employer and that the 100 bucks I had dropped in flair didn’t cash into a pay check. I continued to press craigslist and one late evening I came across and ad that read something like this

Job Opening for Social Media Expert,
Must have the following:
1) excellent written and verbal skills
2)knowledge of social platfroms- facebook, twitter, wordpress, etc.
3) sense of humor
*please provide links to your personal fb, twitter, and blogs and any blogs you handle professionally.

“What a joke!” I thought to myself, writing a snotty cover letter that slightly stabbed at the lack of detail in the ad.

Within the hour I had an e-mail response asking for a phone interview the next morning. That phone interview turned into an in person interview the following day- which became a job offer within 4 hours of leaving my interview.

I had become an employed college graduate, doing almost exactly what my degree was in. Since that lovely job post didn’t give you much detail let me fill you in who I work for and what I do.

(to be continued in part two) 
OK- Here’s part 2

So I work for this startup called sneakpeeq, as their social media lead. So I spend my days on Facebook, twitter, wordpress, blogger, etc shaping the voice of our social media, developing a lifestyle viewpoint for the company, gaining new customers, and keeping everyone entertained (including the office staff) it’s almost like hosting an online party and being a club promoter at the same time. Some days, like yesterday I am up very late, and sometimes I am very tired. But the learning curve and the ability for growth is inspirational and recharging (and if not, the coffee works pretty damn good in between)

I’ve been taking the BART and have notices three things:

#1 I spend A LOT of time looking at other people’s shoes

#2 I tend to day dream right before my stop, and have missed it multiple times

#3 I love trying to take pictures of people when they’re not looking.

Candid moments and honest self expressions- I’ll be creating a post dedicated to this specifically as I gain more “quality” entries 🙂


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