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a new look (in more ways than one)

So my blog(s) needed a makeover. It’s been the same since 2010 and with 2012 approaching sooner than I will notice I had a moment of ah-hah and pushed together all three of my blogs. Why? ‘Cause I’m tired of not providing enough content for any of them to make it worthwhile to subscribe to. Please subscribe! Plus, I’m all these things rolled into one and trying to segment them was getting really taxing.

So here’s the new look!Yeah, I just took a screen shot of what you were already looking at. There is also a chance that in 2 years I’ll change it again and then this is like… archival.

I digress, I also gave my hair a series of new looks recently.

**warning some of the following photographs are not attractive, viewers beware**

So I was really inspired by Florence + the Machine, she’s got rocking hair! There’s something so sexy about her pale skin and bright orange/red hair! So I figured- I’ve got pale skin… I should look great with red hair too! (logic has never been my strong point)

So the first round of dying went well, minus the fact that it wasn’t punch-me-in-the-face-fire-engine red. After about a week of no one noticing that I had even dyed it I had to kick it up a notch. I watched several youtube tutorials on how to dye your hair bright red and then followed the steps (these are the scary pictures)

#1 bleach the crap out of your hair

#2 dye your hair (eyebrows extra-credit) bright red (yes, that is a target bag on my head, I'm so ghetto I know)

#3 live with what you've done to yourself

I definitely overshot into maroon/cranberry land. Which is not what I wanted, but I did get some fun weird shots of myself before dying it back to brown. I was told to make this into my business card. It may happen at some point.

I’m sure I’ll eventually have good pictures of whatever brown/maroon it is now… but at the moment no dice!

So that’s the newest news, expect more updates sooner than later now that I’ve compressed everything into this one stop shop.

❤ K


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