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Moving- Nothing about it is awesome.

In the next three weeks I will be moving from my delightful apartment in Pacifica and heading south back to San Jose. Today the woman who will be subletting my place came to view it and decided immediately that it was a great fit for her husband who loves to surf.

Warms my heart to help people out, but CRAP! Now I have to move. Here’s the Krisrael way of making moving less stressful– even on a time crunch. 

First thing is first: have a party. (invites already sent out via FB)

Second: Employ someone to box up and move your shit for you. (hello mom and moving team) If you can pay someone to do all the heavy lifting: even better. I’ll probably hire movers this time because my old place is upstairs and my new place is upstairs.

Third: Move into someplace that has some redeeming feature. It’ll be hard for my new place to top the old one. Living oceanfront is not an experience I think I’ll ever have again, BUT the new place is way cheaper and has all kinds of art deco accents. (I promise to make a post about the new place once it’s been decorated, although I think I made the same promise about this place and never got around to it.)

Four: Treat your new space like an opportunity to breathe new life into things you own. I wish that every time I moved I was able to buy all new, custom made, furniture… but I’ve yet to marry rich. So, I greet a new move like an opportunity to repurpose all my stuff. A kitchen table may become a desk or visa versa, just be creative.

Five: Just get all of it in. No matter how crazy your place looks and you don’t know what to do, just get all your stuff in. You can goodwill it later if you have to but if you let yourself gracefully move you may never finish.

Six: Throw Another Party. Once all your stuff has been sorted it’s time to have guests come check out your new place… or you can have a patching party at your old place where you make your friends come help you clean and patch the walls. You decide whether your friends are will to roll up their sleeves or not.

Moving is stupid stressful, so I may be out of blogging commission until we reach the new year. In the mean time you can like my fanpage on facebook, a select number of my friends and family already have! FAN ME!!!

xoxo ‘tose


2 thoughts on “Moving- Nothing about it is awesome.

  1. I love #5!! “just get everything in.” That’s similar to doctors – 1st & foremost just stop the bleeding!
    Also, adore your line, “…I’ve yet to marry rich.” That’s rich! Ms Kris, i’m going to look for a really rich young handsome successful good-natured light-drinker man for you. One who also knows how to move things & stop the bleeding. Will be looking part time – might take a little time to find…

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