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I resolve to have resolutions.

Here comes 2012… another year and another set of resolutions we vow to never break. I find it my blogger duty to give you a small set of resolutions that don’t include getting a gym membership, or eating organic.


#1 De-spam your inbox- at one point or another we’ve all knowingly, or unknowingly, signed up for some mailing list. If you’re smart phoner like I am you may just delete them every morning. It’s time to unsubscribe. Although your message indicator may never reach 50 by 8 am again, believe me, you won’t miss all the garbage mail from discount sites and political party mailings.

#2 Resist Target and Walmart stores- This also includes Ross, Marshals, Tuesday Morning, Costco, whatever your poison. They may be your one-stop shop, but they’re also your buy-shit-you-never-needed shop as well. Don’t go there. Your wallet will thank you.

#3 Sign up for, and set a budget. If you’ve been living under a rock, or are just not an internet savvy person (I have no idea how you managed to come across my blog then) you may not know about If you’re one who lives pay check to pay check this is an amazing tool. It automatically sorts all your purchases into categories so you can track how much you spend on gas, groceries, clothing, etc. I personally fell in love while using it on my iphone, it’s much easier to deal with than the Chase app (which I find absolutely obnoxious since it doesn’t allow auto log in).

#4 Replace your tooth brush- they say every three months, but you know it’s probably been longer.  This is also a friendly reminder that your makeup may need a refresh as well, mascara and eyeliner especially.

Sex-ay! (photocred:

#5 Find a blog you love and subscribe. I know this goes completely against #1 but getting one daily surprise you actually enjoy (that’s not trying to sell you anything) is such a treat. Some of my favorites include Happiness Is and Apartment Therapy. I’m not going to tell you to subscribe to MY BLOG, but hey, the button is over on the left if you so choose. 😛

My personal resolutions:

  • Read the magazines I subscribe to
  • Repair a series of jackets and sweaters that are starting to fray
  • Let people know I love, appreciate and respect them more often
  • Dedicate time every week to learning
  • Say “good bye” to sweat pants
  • Maintain my annual travel schedule (two trips a year, one in the US, one to another country)

I’d love to hear what you have planned for the New Year. Comment below and tell me what your resolutions are.

❤ K


4 thoughts on “I resolve to have resolutions.

  1. #1 – Kick some butt, politely of course!
    #2 – Make more money – sharing as much as possible
    #3 – Further the art of dance…even more than before
    #4 – Read more of other writer’s blogs
    #5 – Write more blessays at BayAreaDanceWatch
    #6 – Weed out more of my possessions, ouch…. 😦
    #7 – Help find someone so Krisrael can “marry rich”
    #8 – Keep renewing, updating, adding to resolutions thru 2012
    #9 – shead a few pounds, ouch…. 😦

    • I love it! My bf and I are moving in together this week, but I do not see any marriage in the near future lol. Thanks for reading and participating Jim, always love your comments 🙂

  2. 1. Paint or draw non-work things at VERY LEAST once a week.

    2. Spend way less money on food per month – this is an issue for me…I love food too much.

    3. Start dedicating some money to not dressing like a college student. No more hoodie purchases!

    4. Show more love.

    5. Respect what my body wants vs. what my mind thinks it needs.

  3. #1 Send a card, whether scrapbooked or store bought, to all my friends and family on their birthdays

    #2 take my son, Kael, on 2 vacations: one camping and one of luxury

    #3 continue learning American Sign Language

    #4 run another marathon, raising money for The Wounded Warrior Project

    #5 lose weight so that I’m a size 2/4 in Lululemon

    #6 work on becoming a Lululemon Ambassador

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