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A neat surprise I stumbled across- Sideshow Alley

A pleasant surprise I came across this afternoon courtesy of my coworker Ben. “Sideshow Alley is a collaboration between Dave Budge, Ty Johnson, Selwyn Cozens and a handful of talented film makers, photographers and sound engineers.

The project is all about capturing performing artists in the alleyways of Melbourne and on the rooftops of New York City. Recording them performing one song, one take, with no fixed agenda and no rehearsal. By imposing location, time and technological restrictions we bring out a slightly different take on each artists’ music.

This is a labour of love. ” -pulled from their About page

This project is nothing short of beautiful. If you’re on the cutting edge of cool like my coworker Ben, Sideshow Alley is old news to you.. but for the rest of us– enjoy the following videos

Ahhhh a little bit of Friday bliss!

If you liked these videos you can subcribe to their youtube channel, like them on facebook , and follow them on twitter. You know I have 😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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