Monday Morning Inspiration: TED talk “less stuff, more happiness”

So I recently moved back to San Jose and I decided to downgrade from my one bedroom ocean front apartment to a studio in Downtown. I lost a total of 200 square feet and a bedroom in the process and now faced the challenge of making three rooms in one living space.  Oh and I forgot to mention: I also added another living being, and all their possessions, to the mix by moving in with my boy friend. So I pulled up my boot straps and tackled the project the only way I know how… full immersion. Interior decorating is one of my hobbies, so I was really excited by the challenge my new 650 square feet presented. The space also has built in cabinets in several of the rooms as well as WAY TOO MANY doors (it has 6…) I (poorly) drew several to scale drawings on graph paper and created small to size figures of my large furniture items. After about 7 mock layouts I found the best way to utilize the large living area.

The move began on December 30th and by January 3rd everything had been transferred 40 miles south. (Big Thanks to all who helped since I worked the entire time and only was able to move about 1/4th of it) The place took shape very easily and it all seemed to be going well.


We went to wonderful NYE party and at no fault to our very gracious hosts, one of their guests made a few borderline rude comments about my choice to live in a studio. (He was an engineer so I imagine these comments were not really his fault, just a lack of social grace and tact.) I explained to them that it was a choice that yes, saved me some money every month, but was more based on keeping my “stuff” to a limit. Simply, living in a studio apartment keeps me very honest about what I actually need. He scoffed.

Well, not everyone in the world can be someone I like I guess!

Anyway, today I came across this TED talk,  loved the message (and the cool layout he got for his place!!)


So here’s to living with less. I look forward to sharing pictures of my apartment in the next few weeks.

❤ K


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