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Giving up the goods- a non-religious Lent

If I had to religiously affiliate myself I’d call it chicken noodle soup religion. Not because of the heart pouring teenage soul series, but because I’ve taken bits of everything and strewn them together into a stew of ideology. This time of year is dedicated to the traditions of Easter, and that includes Lent.

Seriously?!? I want to be able to ride chickens!

Traditionally Lent is the forty days between Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)/Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday where most Christian/ Catholics reflect upon the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert by praying, almsgiving, and as most commonly, give up luxuries through self denial. It’s also part of recognizing Jesus’ death, resurrection and so on… but let us not get too religious here… it’s not the point of this post.

Lent, for me, is just a way of flexing my self control. Can I give up something that I really enjoy? Or am I trapped by the luxuries in my life.  It’s a nice way to reflect and realize I have a lot of “needs” in my life that are actually “wants.”

So this year I’m going cold turkey on meats.  40 days of being a vegetarian. Not necessarily a dramatic sacrifice, but perhaps a really good one to try out.

(here comes my blatant pop culture influenced decision making process, sorry, but it’s my reality)

For a while (some 6 years and change) I’ve been struggling with being happy with my body image. I’ve wanted to be a considerable 20 pounds lighter and have made ground on getting there only to eat my way back. As I sort through why this is I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and crazy advice but one thing keeps coming up. Vegan.

I’m not sure if the entire population of vegans are raving fanatics because it works, or because that much dedication takes conviction…either way: the vegans are raving about being vegan and the positive health benefits (one being effortless weight loss) they’ve gained from adopting this life style. Even Jenna Marbles is a raving vegan (who cheats every now and then) but she loves it, and I love her videos? I’m not sure what I’m getting at with that, but she looks great.

So my 40 days of Lent are dedicated to getting one step closer to trying out veganism. I’m so in love with yogurt and good cheese that I’m not sure I’ll ever make it all the way there but why not shoot for the stars? I may just end up on cloud nine.


Would love to have some input/testimonials from my vegan buddies. Sorry if any of my religious friends are insulted by my abbreviation of Lent. No harm intended.


8 thoughts on “Giving up the goods- a non-religious Lent

  1. Good luck with this. I am way too much of a carnivore to ever try this (as is your Uncle Mike) however anything that is healthy and works for you…Keep me posted on how you are doing.
    Hope everything else is going good for you! See ya at Christmas!!

  2. For me, gaining weight was much easier as a vegetarian — you just fill up on eggs, cheese, ice cream, etc.! It wasn’t until I went vegan that I lost weight, because unless you’re eating desserts all day, you’re eating very little fat. I won’t lie though, it takes a lot of work making things from scratch. Keep an eye on for great recipes and inspiration, and maybe invest in some great cookbooks: Appetite for Reduction has delicious and simple vegan recipes with very little fat, and Veganomicon and Vegan With a Vengeance are both great cookbooks too.

    Full disclosure: I find cheating when dining out (usually just with salmon or chicken) makes life easier and more fun. My girlfriend also makes delicious scrambled eggs on weekends but using local free range eggs… so there is no animal cruelty or suffering involved.

    We also belong to which gives us delicious fresh organic greens every single week (and that’s where we get our eggs too). Then we have this big supply of veggies that we feel more obligated to make sure we eat!

    All this makes being vegan much easier and fun! And I never feel like I’m missing out because the food is delicious and filling.

    • Wow! So much good info! you’re totally right about the cheese and ice cream OMG I’m so in love with dairy-deliciousness!
      I’m going to looking into all the sites you suggested. Thank you for the thoughtful comment!

  3. One more piece of advice: One of my cookbooks explained the “Vegan Bowl” which can make life much easier. You just throw in a bowl a Grain, a Green, a Bean and a Sauce.
    Grain: Rice (white, brown, wild, etc), quinoa, millet, etc.
    Green: Spinach, kale, chard, broccoli, whatever!
    Bean: Stock up on garbanzo and black beans, but nuts count too!
    Sauce: This could be a pesto sauce, a salad dressing, vegan gravy or “cheeze” sauce, anything that adds flavor.
    Most vegan books have a large section on sauces. You’ll be amazed at the delicious food you can make, you’ll just be using ingredients you never have before but are 100% as delicious: Nutritional yeast, miso, agave syrup, chickpea flour etc. All found at Whole Foods.
    It’s really not that hard being vegan if you have a good vegan cookbook. You can definitely do it, especially living in the Bay Area. Good luck! And what a great idea for your Lent! After 40 days you’ll have no problem at all.


  5. I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I certainly love reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!

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