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Five sites that will make you leave Pinterest.

Dear Friends,

I have been seeing a lot of people using Pinterest (pictured below) and I’m not a huge fan. So, I wanted to give you a couple sites that I love to visit when I am looking to kill some time.

I don't care that you re-pinned this in "my imaginary baby" or "when I lose 120lbs"


#1 Art Fire– great handmade crafts. Accessible to all price ranges. My mom and I are in love with these cute animal rings 

#2 Style Says– The great thing about Style Says is that if you know how to use Pinterest you know how to use this site. Use the “re-say” button to post your favorites.

#3 Wanelo– I discovered Wanelo around the same time as Pinterest. They were after monetizing their site way before Pinterest and I think have a way less spammy collection of cool discoverable.

#4 Think Geek– For your inner nerdy-pants. Buy anything from collectable LOTR pez sets to fashionable clutches to carry your iPad in.

#5 The O.G.: – All of these sites basically have crap from etsy on them. Maybe you should just eliminate the middle man and go back to the basics. You can search by color, category, and/or collection (just like all these other sites!)

If these sites don’t ween you off of Pinterest, I’m pretty sure you need an intervention. Happy internet shopping/ wasting time lusting after things you’ll never actually buy!

❤ Kris


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