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Bending the truth

This month seems to be the month of questionable truths. First we started off with Kony2012- posted by everyone on facebook. (and now on Krisrael)

(Watch if you’ve been living under a rock… or opt. out if you don’t have thirty minutes to waste)

I feel bad for Jason Russel, , I perceive him as a campy, insincere Owen Wilson look-alike. Regardless of his motives, his interview presentations are not helping his case. . . Including this gem

You don’t have to watch more than ten seconds of that video to have a bad taste in your mouth.

Regardless of whether it’s factual, current, or actually using the dollars donated in a responsible manner; I’m pretty sure most people didn’t even finish watching KONY2012 before they re-posted it. (gotta love the ‘share’ button!) But if the 831,121,241 people to date viewed it in full length, then there are now 2,493,637,000 minutes of life we will never get back. I don’t think it’s at all a stretch to say that half of these viewers still don’t know where Uganda is on a map, and in a few months will be responsible for a “Shit Kony2012 viewers say to black people” video. Can’t. wait.

Next up is the Mr. Daisey scandal. On the last “This American Life” Ira Glass dedicated the whole broadcast, entitled “Retracted“,  to undoing the stretched truths of Mike Daisey. Although Mr. Daisey tried to pull a Senator Kyl, I don’t think anyone is buying his bag of theatrical fabrications anymore.

In “Retracted” Mr. Daisey says, “I’m not going to say that I didn’t take a few shortcuts in my passion to be heard.” I suppose this is the explanation Invisible Children, Senator Kyl, James Frey (author of a Million Little Pieces, made famous by Oprah’s Book Club scandal), and most of Fox news, would love to stand behind as well. And who can blame them? We’re all guilty of stretching the truth to make our point, right? Sure. But until my little blog can generate millions of dollars, start wars, and greatly confuse the American and/or World Populations. . . I think I’m safe. As many people have quoted before, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Those who have power too often abuse the facts for their gain.

So as one small, lowly blogger, all I can say is please, powers that be, stop abusing us and give us the truth.

Happy Monday.



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