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Twitter’s daily does of discovery: Sun-Staches

I’m always amazed how brands find people using their products on twitter. I personal think I’m pretty good at navigating the twittersphere but there seriously must be someone at these companies that search twitter all day looking for random posts to RT.

I recently went into Claires with my little sister and saw these tortoise shell glasses. Picking them up adoringly (I have a soft spot for tortoise shell frames) something seemed to be attached to them.


Ridiculous! There’s a mustache attached. Anyway, posted it via instagram, on to my twitter account, and within a few hours I became aware that it is not Claires who makes these eccentric frames but a company called Sun-Staches, who RT’d my post. Well, Sun-Staches this is my shout out to whomever works in the social media department: way to be on the button. Keep tweetin’ hard my friend!

Do you have a twitter account? Tell me what you use it for and leave your handle too (mine’s @kris_israel, are you following me?)

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One thought on “Twitter’s daily does of discovery: Sun-Staches

  1. hey, so, my old roomie bought a pair of these glasses at the halloween store, at the day after halloween sale! i’d never seen anyone rep them (as real sunglassses….) until today, i was like… uhm… and me, a purveyor of all things awkward and odd, thought this was something that didn’t belong to the daytime. maybe a fun party thing? awk.

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