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Looking back, looking forward, and a big Thank You!

Thank You!” This week was one of the strongest weeks Krisrael has had since its humble beginnings about a year and a half ago. The blog has come leaps and bounds as I, too, have grown and matured. Although the tone and quality of posts have greatly improved, I think Krisrael has stayed true to being a place for people to be inspired by what others are doing in the world. A positive creative news source, if you will. I love what it is, what it creates in my community of friends and readers, and the feedback I’ve been getting from people has been really exciting and makes me hungry to do more!

But to be frank, I can’t do more on my own. In the next few weeks I’m bringing on a team of experts who will be writing about specific topics, all under the Krisrael outlook. I hope you’ll find their writings to be fresh, inspirational and most importantly, make you come back for more.

I also ran into a reader in a book store this weekend and he told me that I should start doing video posts via youtube and post them here. It doesn’t sound like a half bad idea so I think I’ll give it a whirl. In the next week or so I’ll throw one up. But for now, just know that I am incredibly honored to have everyone in my readership. You inspire me.


P.S. If you too want to write for Krisrael please send a cover letter and writing sample to


2 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward, and a big Thank You!

  1. Many thanks for sharing this. Quickquestion, if you don’t object. Where did you get your blog theme? I will be beginning a blogging site and really like your site.

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