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Leggings are NOT Pants.

You better shape up (if you plan on wearing leggings as pants!)

Leggings were made popular in the late eighties and early nineties by pop artists such as Blondie and Tiffany, TV shows and movies like Blossom,  Grease, Clarissa Explains it All, and The Breakfast Club.

I remember wearing red leggings with my navy blue and white polka dotted A-line dress in elementary school. They were just right for playing on the monkey bars, when dresses had nearly been outlawed due to I.U.S.’s (Inappropriate Underwear Sightings) on the playground.  The only other time I remember wearing them was to ballet class. It was my first day, so I wasn’t properly outfitted in the standard pink tights and black leotard, but I had my blue leggings with pink flowers and the matching top. First of all, I hated that I wasn’t dressed like anyone else, and second of all, I cried the moment I went the wrong direction. I didn’t try ballet again for probably 15 years.  Now I love it, and I love to be dressed like a ballerina. I don’t cry when I go the wrong way anymore, I just laugh and try to remind myself that I love dancing.

A friend of mine told me that she had her first pair at the age of four. Black stirrup leggings that she’d sport with a Disney t-shirt. Noticing a pattern?

I should edit the title of this blog to, “Leggings are not pants, unless you’re prepubescent.” When I was a kid, they weren’t skin tight, and the only kind of underwear malady was VPL—no one could even see that I was wearing the wrong day of the week! (Which, by the way would never happen, because I was nearly religious about wearing them on the correct day for fear of SEVERE bad luck.)

Miss Paris! I see London, I see France...

Anyway, leggings have made their way back in to FAD fashion. When I walk around (anywhere) most ladies are wearing leggings, when we used to be a blue-jeans-country… I LOVE leggings, don’t get me wrong. What I have a problem with is leggings being worn as pants, without a long shirt, tunic top, or dress to cover up the sheer-stretch-over-the-butt-area and the inescapable camel toe.


Let’s just say you’re wearing thick tights or pantyhose when you think all of your private parts are perfectly concealed. Would you wear those by themselves? For the majority of us with “less-than-perfect-parts,” (thinking we’re rockin’ our bootay like Kim Kardashian) we need not a reality check, trip to the gym, or guilt trip, but a decent friend to tell us our pants are see-through!

This is not supposed to be a rant on who can wear leggings; it is a rant on style and level of appropriateness.  I think that leggings are a great option for anybody at any size, when worn appropriately.  We are all shaped exactly as we are supposed to be and should emphasize what we love about ourselves. And girls, my favorite way to wear leggings is still with a dress.

Do yourself a favor and wear your leggings properly.

And if I haven’t driven the point home already…here’s something for your listening pleasure!

-Miss Becca
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3 thoughts on “Leggings are NOT Pants.

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  3. I think I made it all the way through 4th and 5th grade with the same 5 sweatshirts and 5 pairs of leggings. Sad thing is I probably still fit the huge sweatshirts, I can’t imagine how silly I looked back then.

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