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Photolust: Studio Dizon

One day, as all girls do, I was looking through wedding pictures of friends (possibly strangers. . . don’t judge me) and I remembered that my friend Dennis, who I went to San Jose State with, had his own photography business, Studio Dizon. So I lurked on over to his facebook page and WOW! I could look through all of his pictures for hours. I completely fell in love with this engagement series that he did, which I have now titled “Journeys of the Red Umbrella.” (ok, maybe that title still needs some work, but these pictures are sexy!) click on any of the images to see a higher resolution version.



Established in 2006, Dennis Dizon started Studio Dizon because he felt that the wedding photography industry was lacking a photographer with a balanced approach to photography and customer care. With every new assignment, a photographer must absolutely deliver the “goods.” What sets Studio Dizon apart from its competitors is its attention to client need: every photo is edited by Dennis, every album is laid out by Dennis, and every print job is handled by Dennis. This means that every client receives a fully customized package that never relies on formulas, templates, or outsourced labor. Because of Dennis’ insistence on full customization, Studio Dizon has caught the attention of many Bay Area locals AND clients all over the country.


With influences from fashion, journalism and high art, Studio Dizon photographs every wedding in a stylish, relaxed, and candid way, without ever sacrificing beauty or artistry. Head Photographer, Dennis Dizon, prides himself in his balanced approach of capturing those in-between moments that really count. And because every wedding, event, and person is different, Dennis approaches every assignment with fresh eyes, never using a formulaic approach. Shooting weddings from Manila to New York, and everywhere in between, Dennis is an emerging force in the photography industry.

…Into Night.

Meet the Business Owner: Dennis Dizon G.

Trained at UCLA as an editorial, fashion and art photographer, Dennis decided to pursue the rewarding field of wedding photography with a goal, to be that rare wedding photographer — the one who cares about his clients, the one who has the talent and confidence to record any wedding in a stylish, yet real way. . . the wedding photographer who could give you the photos of your dreams.

That’s all of a teaser I’m gonna give you! Studio Dizon has a portfolio full of breathtaking weddings, charming engagements, and adorable babies, all stylistically shot. If you love these, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven if you visit his blog or website.

For our local readers that are engaged, soon to be married, currently pregnant or just had a baby, you can look up Studio Dizon’s Yelp reviews and read what some of his customers had to say.

(I actually didn’t post some of my favorite pictures because I want you to go discover them for yourselves.)

Happy Tuesday



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