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Toes Done Up Wit ‘er Fingernails Matchin’!

Nails are my favorite accessory, (well, besides shoes… I’m a firm believer that shoes can BE an outfit, but that’s another post) they give personality to those silly hands that do so much! They can instantly make you feel grown-up and fancy, funky-fresh, or be the finishing touch for the polished interview look.

I’ve been going to the nail salon since before I can remember. My mom took me for mani/pedis at a toooootttally young age, but it became a ritual and a fun thing for us to do together!  My mom always got red toenails and matching red fingernails. Her nails also grew nicely, so she never got acrylics, and neither did I until I saw what girls did for homecoming in high school! I’ve bought those press on drugstore nails since I was probably 12, and really enjoyed freaking the boys out when they popped off… (mwahahahhahah!!)

Nail Trends I’m Currently Obsessed with:

Not for nose pickers.


Originally from the 1950’s and 60’s, made popular recently by Lady GAGA and Fergie. I personally love nails on the shorter side, and this trend doesn’t have to be an exception! (Keep this in mind for toenails as well, not cute!)


This angle has become increasingly popular, due to inflation of prices… (Not just beauty either!) But let me tell you something, those drugstore nails and nail accessories have boomed and now they have a huge range in style! They aren’t your grandma’s marroon ovals anymore, kids! Sally Hansen Salon Effects have changed press on nails and polish as we know it.  I am a chronic nail biter, and these are life savers! (These little beauties saved me last summer when I was designing costumes for a HUGE show AND taking two 6-week summer school classes)


Cutesy to the core.

Who doesn’t love a little flower on his/her toenail?! I’m sure you remember this KLUTZ book from 2nd grade. But it’s not just painted flowers anymore. I just LOVE the 3D Nail baubles going around! So many different colors, patterns and they say so much about the person wearing them.  But I had it all backwards until I saw this website, where this person paints the nails, THEN glues them on. DOH! (I really have no idea why I’d never thought to deco the nails BEFORE putting them on…)

For some of these, I’m pretty sure they were for competitions and if this seems like something you’d “totes die for!!!” you might want to consult a professional.

Might I ask… How do you FUNCTION with those, hm?

She clearly didn't think this one through...


Do these make your skin crawl too?

My personal favorite!!! I’ll leave you with some music to rock out to.

-Miss Becca


3 thoughts on “Toes Done Up Wit ‘er Fingernails Matchin’!

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