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Geek Chic: ENGAGE

Since when did 2012 become the year of geek chic? It seems everywhere I turn geeky social references from Star Wars to Anime Cosplay are being used in mainstream media, movies, and television. But wait, before you start applauding folks, geek chic has even attracted a new audience: the inner romantic. Case in point:

Yes, you saw it with your own eyes. This guy created an entire engagement proposal using INTERNET MEMES. Whoa. Yes, mind has definitely been blown. This elaborate wedding proposal is the perfect example of where wedding etiquette and society at large is trending toward. Being your geeky self is A-OK!

Other popular geeky engagement avenues include the quintessential FLASH MOB public proposal:

And of course, in our fantastic tech age, the “I’m going to actually alter her favorite classic video game to get her attention” rouse:

With that being said, below are my favorite geeky inspired engagement rings for your potential geek stud or geek-ette:

1. Doctor Who TARDIS themed ring: This ring is perfect for the Doctor Who enthusiast! “It’s a Police Box based ring with a tension set 1CT Princess Cut center stone. The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box.” In all honesty, whoever ends up with this engagement ring better pull out all the stops for a Doctor Who themed wedding. I am talking Tardis shaped wedding cake, Dalek dressed dinner buffet servers and all. That’s what’s UP.


2. Transformers Decepticon themed ring: My favorite thing about this geeky ring choice is that it is subtle. The Decepticon logo can only be seen when you turn the ring setting to the side. How cleverly “deceptive” is that? Nothing says healthy marriage more than a deception/Decepticon themed engagement ring. Right?! Right?! (insert awkward laughter here)

3. Star Wars Light Saber themed ring: Perfect for your real life Han Solo or Luke Skywalker! Again, what I love about this ring is that the light saber hilt design is subtle to the eye. Only a true geeky fan would recognize this everlasting tool of “The Force.”

4. Indiana Jones themed ring: You have to love it when folks create and customize their own wedding bands. This Reddit user designed this ring for his real life Marion. The band design is made to mimic Indy’s iconic coiled whip. Talk about super geek chic.

Star Trek themed box set-up: This is a perfect idea for the “classy geek.”

Captain Picard’s unforgettable one word catchphrase summarizes today’s marriage proposal and engagement ring themed blog entry in the best way: ENGAGE. Engage indeed! Now that is true geek chic!



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