Six Things That Are Cute in Theory, Not Reality.


I was watching Portlandia a few weeks ago and came across this skit, “Put a Bird On It.


You think: “Aww man I’ll look so bad ass with my crazy ‘stache.  All the cool kids have mustaches and they have those cool glasses with a mustache attached. All my friends will think I’m awesome!”

In Reality: You look like you’re trying to relive your high school days


You think: “Aww babies are so cute! look at this one. It’s laughing at paper! They’re so simple and easy to please.”

In reality: This is your life now. . .

I’ll be praying for you.

Puppy Love-

You think: “OMG! I met this guy at the dance and he is so fine, we danced all night, it must be true love.”

In reality: society is cringing.

Sexy Holiday Themed Costumes-

You think: “Mean Girls!!”

In reality: No words. . .

This is not a good look. Don't do it.

Eye Shadow That Matches Your Outfit-

You think “Green eyes = green eye shadow, right?”

In reality: You look like a Smurf

Life is full of good ideas and bad ideas. Please consult us here at Krisrael if you are ever unsure which category your next decision might fall under.


2 thoughts on “Six Things That Are Cute in Theory, Not Reality.

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