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5 Internet Dating Do’s

Happy Tuesday, cats and kittens.  The following tips will lead you from the first email through the first date and are based on my own discoveries about the weird world of Internet dating.

Do. . . 

Send that first email, but for God's sake, make it count.

1) Impress with your first email.  It’s obvious and annoying to receive a generic first email like, “Sup gurl, I looked at your profile and we have stuff in common.  Hit me up if you wanna grab a coffee sometime.”  Don’t be lame.  If you’re really interested, make him/her laugh, or mention something awesome you have in common.  For example, “I also love rollerblading backwards to ABBA tunes!  Maybe we could get together next weekend?” This brings me directly to #2.

2) Suggest a day and time to meet.  Saying something vague about getting together sometime to do something is a great way to never get a date.  Instead, offer a day, time and activity, or at least ask what days are best for your potential date.  “So, you’re a Sharks fan, too?  I’ve got tickets to the game on Thursday.” This works well, or something like,  “I would love to take you out next week, which day is best for you?”  Man up and be proactive.

Pick a date to take your date on a date.

Everyone loves presents, and you know it.

3) Bring a gift. I’m not suggesting you give a first date a Coach bag or a Fossil watch, but hear me out.  Once a first date brought me a little bag of whole-bean coffee from his favorite coffee shop because my profile tagged me as a coffee drinker.  I was thoroughly impressed.  He didn’t have to spend much money, and he got super-mega bonus points for being thoughtful.  Just sayin’.  Plus, he had a valid excuse to call me the next day to ask how I liked my coffee.  Booyah.

Seriously? On a first date?

4) Dress appropriately. I met a date at a nice bar and he was wearing a ratty t-shirt, shorts, and tall socks with slippers.  Yes, really.  Flip-flops are one thing, but those navy blue house shoes are in no way considered acceptable first date apparel.  The best way to show your date that you would rather be at home watching infomercials is to show up in slippers or anything worn as “lounge wear.” Try something along the lines of business casual. A simple shirt with a collar and a nice pair of blue jeans will do nicely. Pair this with shoes that are clean, and not slippers.

5) Listen, listen, listen. If you are just scatterbrained or forgetful because you fried your brain on acid, then you should tell your date that fact up front. Otherwise, when you ask the same dumb question three times you’ll look like a schmuck, and there won’t be a second date.  And do try to remember something about your date’s profile so you have a few relevant topics to discuss.

Listen up. Your dating life depends on it.

Next week I’ll share 5 Internet Dating Don’ts.  Happy hunting, everyone.



4 thoughts on “5 Internet Dating Do’s

  1. These are all so relevant! I didn’t even think of bringing a gift…. good call with the slippers, though. no one would even think of that if it hadn’t happened in reality.

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