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Kris Gets a Makeover

I don’t think there is an easy way to say this, I have a lot of baggage. Crap that I carry around every day. Incidents like the guy who cut me off on the freeway on my way to work, or comments from that one ass hole I dated who said I would be “a better person if I lost 15 pounds.” I’ve also got a matching set of “embarrassing things I’ve said that I wish I could take back.” And even those deeper darker ones that no one really wants to talk about that I sugarcoat as “mistakes” or “learning opportunities.”

Although often not aware of it, I carry all of these around everyday. Someone says “you look really nice today!” and somewhere in a carry-on, that ex un-zips the bag just a little and whispers “but you could look better.”

I don’t think I’m alone, which gives me the guts to write it to all of you now.  I chose to surrounded myself with so much extra negativity, and just like tetris, a few false moves have turned into a huge pile-up.

So, I’m taking a few minutes every day to unpack and validate myself as a person, count my blessing, feed myself good foods and lots of water, taking baths. I;m taking extra time to think about how I am perceiving the actions of others around me, and most importantly,  I’m getting rid of all of the junk that I don’t need. In addition, as a physical representation of me moving past a lot of this nonsense, I decided it was time to crop my long locks (which I had preciously held on to the last 4 years)  and start a new.


This wasn’t an easy decision, but once it was made I knew EXACTLY where I to go to have my hair cut. James Craig Salon located in Saratoga CA wasn’t my normal salon, but I went there to have a KERASTASE treatment a few months back and was so impressed with the whole experience that I knew this hair cut (which was a big deal to me!) would be in good hands.  With an easy breezy phone in, I was not put on hold once, I had an appointment with Kate. The rest went a little something like this:

Fast forward to the end and you’ve got one glam hairstyle that has gotten me endless amounts of compliments.


And, I’m no longer hearing those voice of self doubt cause I left my baggage at the curb. It may not look like a huge transformation, but from the inside out, it most certainly is.

❤ ‘tose

This salon is all style and class.

You can book your appointment with James Craig Salon by calling (408) 741-5096

You can also check out their reviews on yelp and their facebook page and they’ve even got a twitter! You know I love a social media savvy salon!

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