I Dream of Summer Dresses and Accessories.

Summer is right around the corner and I am getting ready for outdoor music concerts, late night backyard dinner parties, impromptu beach days and ice cream dates. This also means putting away all my sweater dresses and knee high boots and (my favorite part) buying new clothes. Here are some of my personal choices for dresses and accessories this summer. Please comment at the end on the ones you love. Style is a collective process and I want to hear what you have to say!

click on the image for a closer look

Hats: I love hats. I have super fair skin and as a responsible adult, I am trying to surpress my childish enthusiasm towards getting skin cancer. I love each one of these for a different reason and they provide enough variety that I could pair anything in my closet with at least one of them.

Hair: Antique pieces have always been one of my favorites, even if it’s faux vintage, I just appreciate the aesthetic. The second item from your left is a hair chain. The links drape on the back of your hair with the combs on either side of your head. These are best for straight hair and add a touch of elegance and class without having to work too hard. Next to that is last summers biggest trend, which I think is going to make a huge comeback,  clip-in hair feathers. I’m going to rock them with my new haircut, it’s going to be great. And finally we have the classic bow, in ribbon. I love bows, they’re probably the most common accessory I wear. I rock them year round so summer will be no exception.

Jewelry: I’m not a huge fan of silver, I think it looks dirty on my skin tone unless it’s a darker gun metal (so, not silver.) All the pieces I picked are fairly simple with spring and summer colors as well as brown leather accents. They’re all awesome.

Hand Bags: Finally on the accessories board I have bags. I used to carry a Mary Poppins bag (aka a bag you could use to kidnap a baby in.) The middle one is made out of cork — which totally reminds me of going wine tasting in the summer — while the one on your right is so neat with the different colored straps against the dark brown leather.

click on the image for a closer look

I could seriously talk about each one of these in depth. I started out with 8 and as you can see that quickly grew! Pick your favorite pieces and leave a comment telling us why, I love to hear feedback on posts even if all you have to say is “I hate them all.” With this lot though, that’s highly doubtful.

Happy Friday and don’t spend your whole pay check at the mall this weekend.



3 thoughts on “I Dream of Summer Dresses and Accessories.

  1. Hi there: I remember the old times once the only source of details was the library or the newspaper. They both feel so old.: )

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