Saturday Exclusive: Inside the Krisrael Mansion.

Some of our readers have been inquiring when I will be finally putting up pictures of my apartment. Mansion may have been a bit of a stretch, considering it’s a studio, but hey, it’s a great little place and only a ten minute walk to work. I have no complaints.  Here are the exclusive photos of the Krisrael “Mansion.”

The Kitchen

This room and the dining area are the home to Mr. B’s Messy Kitchen photo shoots. This is the cleanest this kitchen ever has been. Most of the time it is a serious disaster. 

The place, in general, is lacking counter space. In this room we added an extra prep area by purchasing an Ikea cutting board and placing it across one of the sinks while prepping food. The dish rack and soap are hung on the wall with Ikea kitchen solutions.

The Dining Area

One great thing about this apartment is the built-in cabinets (featured in the first picture of the kitchen area) there is tons of space to store all our goodies, including this small dishware cabinet that works perfectly for the various glassware we have. (I love to entertain. Come over and have dinner with us soon, won’t you?)

This table has been used for both of the messy kitchen posts. It is absolutely beautiful. I am hoping Brendan will pick a couple pieces in our apartment and give you the history of them because this table has a fascinating story behind it. 

My family gave us this Herb garden for Easter. I still haven’t figured out where to hang it so it’s living on our table. 

Normal pre-dinner set up.

Sleeping Space

I really believe in studio living, I have no idea why anyone needs a full room just to sleep in but at any rate, here’s where we sleep. It’s segmented off by a rice paper screen that slides back and forth and a large book shelf in the living room area.

Living Room

Those are all Brendan’s books. He’s an avid reader, and that’s putting it lightly. I have a measly 1/2 shelf of my own. That is my guitar though! 

I bought that blue chair at the antiques faire in Alameda. It’s my favorite place to sit in our apartment. I should also say that Brendan loves that drafting table. It is one of the few items he owns that he will not be parting with.

The Picture Wall/ Hallway

This is a series of artwork I have collected over the years. Every place I have lived has had a wall covered in art. It’s a lot to take in but all really cool pieces.

My grandmother, Melita, painted the sea birds matted in blue. She’s an amazing artist. And my dear friend Vanessa’s brother, Adrian, drew the portrait of me. The rest are primarily post cards and prints from my travels of the world.


Bathrooms, for me, have to be two things; clean and organized. I don’t really care too much for decorating them other than slapping a basic color scheme together and calling it a day. 

Front Entry

Lastly, I want to share with you the front entry. It has some of the coolest built in features of the whole place, including a telephone from 1906, a small bench that folds out when you want to sit and talk for a while, and the small door in the front door for screening your house guests.

There is also an old fashioned door bell (imagine a bike bell with a prettier chime) above the door. Our studio is in a secured building so no one rings the bell, except us, when we are feeling silly. 

And that’s the tour. I would show you the 7×7 closet, with built in drawers and vanity but that’s another post on it’s own. Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Krisrael Mansion.



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