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Protest Signs

Ahh the wild flowers, if only life were that simple.

Makes me think of the UC Davis incident a few months back where students were doused with pepper spray like they were flowers.

If you feel the need to be enraged further, watch this response video from Fox News. Apparently pepper spray is just a derivative of a food product. No biggie.

Below you’ll find a series of photographs from various protests. Some effective, some not. All in all enjoy the power, humor, and brevity that only a 40 character protest sign can give. (note: some of the content that follows is adult. If you’re not currently an adult, wait till you are and then you can read the rest of this post. 


Trayvon Martin Protests




As far as masks are concerned in the world of protest, V for Vendetta is king. When I lived in San Francisco the BART system was shut down by a crowd of people wearing these Guy Fawkes masks and they are absolutely frightening in a sea of running people.

Masked Protesters in Seoul

Anti-War Protest


No Need For a Sign

Positive Messaging

There is a lot of No in protesting so I wanted to include something a little happier.

So whatever your cause is, be it occupying everywhere, national parks or mini skirts, remember;

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Stand on your soap box with pride.

Be safe,



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