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Geek Chic: Stellar Geekette Must Haves

Whoever created Internet Memes was a genius. Utter genius. Right up there with the dude who created the sarcastic, yet scarily accurate some-e-cards Internet message postcards. Case in point: this is exactly how I define a gamer girl…

Gamer girls also known as geekettes have had a bad reputation as girls who either are a) sexually provacative tease for gamer guys b) an unfashionable socially awkward girl who never leaves her computer so she can level up on World of Warcraft. WOW indeed. However, today I am here to show you can reflect your inner nerdy self, but with some feminine style.

With that being said here are my TOP 5 MUST HAVES for the stellar geekette in your life…

1. Cosplay Couture: Who says gamer girls can’t have the right balance of sexy and geeky?! “Shhh! Couture Handmade Latex Ltd. creates latex garments designed to enhance the female silhouette and make the wearer feel like a bombshell. The cut of the garments shows curves off while sculpting the body for that perfect hourglass silhouette.” Not every girl has to dress like Slave Leia when they attend Comicon thanks to companies like Shhh! Couture!

2. Hello Kitty: All Grown Up  There is an increasing trend with geek chic to turn your favorite cartoon or comic book characters into adult-like symbols of fashion. Swarovski is a leader in this nerdy innovation. “Perfect for a night out with the girls! Inspired by Hello Kitty’s iconic style, this glamorous statement necklace presents a stunning mix of materials. It elegantly combines crystal beading, crystal Pointiage®, trendy black ribbon, and palladium-plated chains.” What I love about this is you can still showcase your love for Hello Kitty but in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Hello Kitty Glamour NecklaceHello Kitty Glamour Necklace

3. Classic Nintendo Controller Wallet  Mario would be proud to know that both nerdy girls embrace Nintendo style, especially in the form of an accessory. Ladies meet the Classic Nintendo controller shaped checkbook wallet! Gotta love geeky functional fashion!

4. Geeky Headbands Have you always wanted to live in a colorfully violent comic book? Or maybe want to draw attention in a way that doesn’t require you to wear a large Kate Middleton type of hat? Well if you answered yes to those questions,  then geeky headbands are for you! The below headbands come in a variety of colors and are an easy way to spice up a plain outfit!

                         GIRLY BUTTON HEADBAND        At Sign Headband

                         Super Mario Yoshi Egg Perler Baby Headband      WHAM Cartoon Headband, Comic Inspired, Yellow and Green

5. Creative Knee High Socks  These types of footwear accessories are fun, colorful, and help you stand out in a crowd! Whether it be a zombie crawl or Halloween party, you can look geek chic with a wide variety of knee socks to complete your outfit. Again, like for the men the superhero socks have removable capes!


The overall fashion summary of a geeky girl is someone who wants to look super kawaii or cute, while pwning their inner geekette! We’ll see you next week for another round of Geek Chic!                                                                                            -Mo

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