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What Your Face Says About You. . .

When you go to bed at night, what expression does your face make? Do you sleep peacefully, mouth agape, or do you grind your teeth and furrow your brow to your worst nightmares? I doubt many of us close our eyes at night, placing shining grins on our moonlit faces for 8 solid hours. . . but what does your countenance express when you think no one is looking — not even you?

It has been said by many throughout history that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is hard to debate since most of our memorable experiences contain some visual component and many of our most common sayings reference it; love at first sight, a sight for sore eyes, seeing is believing, it’s been cemented into our language and culture.

As a society we value eye contact and feel those who do not make it are dishonest and not to be trusted. When scolding a child people often say “look at me!” as a way of having them validate that they are focused upon the scolding, and responding with true remorse. In reality though, the people you should truly be afraid of are the ones who will look you in the eye and say whatever is needed to get what they want. It gives me the chills reflecting on my own life and thinking of many people who have done exactly this to me.

If we as humans can do this to each other, sometimes without awareness, how do we know if we are good or bad, let alone others? What if you could take a photograph of someone from the inside out? In an attempt to do just that, Cole Thompson spent 3 days in 2008 photographing Ukranians with their eyes shut. He notes,

Most people have a “camera face.” It’s the look we put on when our
picture is being taken, the face we want others to see. A mask.

So what do we reveal when we shut our eyes and take off the
mask? If the eyes are a window to the soul then perhaps the
face is a mirror, and it reveals a glimpse of the inner self.

Below are some of my favorite shots from his 3 day venture. I want you to ask yourself these questions:

#1 What kind of person do they seem like? Who are they on a daily basis?

#2 How does the picture make me feel?

#3 Where do you look 1st, 2nd, and 3rdly?


Happy Friday everyone. Leave your answers to my questions in the comment section below. Tune in Saturday, we’ve got more posts coming your way!



8 thoughts on “What Your Face Says About You. . .

  1. Reblogged this on Modern Gentleman and commented:
    this definitely got me thinking about what I look like when my eyes are closed and no one’s looking.

  2. I look at their eyes first, then their mouth, followed by their clothing. It all happens within 1/2 seconds of each other but it’s three separate moments for sure.

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  4. I noticed their smile first since there eyes are closed and i am sure that if they werent they would have been first thing i would have noticed. The second thing i noticed is their expression whether it is natural, conscious or pretentious third thing i noticed is their body language…………..brilliant post got me thinking a lot

  5. I defiinitely looked at their eyes first. It was odd, about four pictures in I said to myself, their eyes will be closed, don’t look there first, and yet I still did. Very interesting!!

    • Crazy right? It has to be instinct. Some kind of survival tactic that has been engrained in us over the generations. I can’t make myself look anywhere else either!

  6. I certainly looked at the eyes first, but I don’t know if that’s because I was scrolling down and came to the eyes before the mouth, which was the second thing I noticed. I was looking to see if the eyes were closed in a strained, forced way or if they were gently closed. Some of the eyes appeared to be smiling, even though they were shut. To me, the mouths evoked either peace, contentment, or strain, as if grimacing or barely holding in a laugh. The pose, whether open or closed, was the third aspect I noticed. I also took in the approximate age/life experience of the subject.

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