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Get Off Your A$$, It’s The Weekend!

Ever look at a friend’s vacation pictures on Facebook and think, “Cool! That looks awesome! I wish I was that adventurous and interesting. . . Why don’t I ever do that kind of stuff?” I’ve got $20 that says immediately after thinking that you kept browsing other people’s adventures online or checked out what was on HBO.

Time to do something about it. No more sitting at home bored on a Saturday like a loser. (someone had to say it, and real friends call it like it is) It’s time to discover some awesome, cheap and sometimes free activities in our amazing Bay Area.

A great way to get off your patootie and get some great kicks is by going hiking. You’d be amazed at how many areas we have around here dedicated to walking and hiking.

In the area that we live in, you can just start driving in a random direction and end up in 8 places to have a great walk or hike. But if you’re like me and need to know exactly where you’re going and what to expect, here’s a great website dedicated to trails in the Bay Area.

Before the weather gets too hot, let’s spend some time in the great outdoors!

Things to remember to bring, regardless of where you end up going:


~Cash for parking and food


~Electrolyte replacement (I love Nuun, personally)

~Extra socks (you can leave ‘em in the car)

~Bug spray

~Your camera or iPhone

~A totally kicka$$ attitude!!

Sometimes walking just doesn’t cut it in Coolsville, so maybe trail running is more your thing. Check out this website for some great trail running events in the area. (They even sometimes have events up in Oregon if you’re feeling up to a vacation)

After sitting at your desk all week, sitting in your car or the BART, sitting on the couch watching the boob-toob (which I admit to doing at this very moment. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, anyone?) we have to get the cobwebs out of our brains and our legs and get ACTIVE!

Whether you go out for a walk with a group of friends, your closest cousin, or just your alter-ego, the point is to get outside and get some exercise. There was an article covered by CNN that talked about the fact that researchers are finding, the more sedentary you are, the shorter your lifespan. (click here if you’re feeling up to reading it)

Hiking is simple, requires no training or experience, and is, in most cases, blonde-proof. Just remember that mace is not a suitable substitute for bug repellent, and you’ll be a-okay!

I think now is the perfect time for a hiking meme, don’t you?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get some friends together this weekend, find a trail, and make us all jealous on Monday morning by posting some amazing pictures on Facebook!

~In health,



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