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Style Ideas: cool looks for the hot days to come.

Summer quickly approaches, now that Coachella has come and gone, and everyone around me is taking finals and picking up their caps and gowns. This is the year I join the post bachelor’s world, and because of that, I need to make sure my summer is totally crazy and full of amazing activities (now that I’m an adult. HA!).  I’ve been fantasizing about the day I could just take off for the weekend and go be fabulous in some other city, because I won’t have to work on a Saturday night. I’ll be able to travel and visit my family and friends all over the place, and I’ll be making money — or so the dream goes. In case I can’t travel and be fabulous somewhere else, I still have the time to be fabulous where I am now, which brings us to our topic!

It’s time to be inspired by far off lands, and bring all that travel into our outfits in order to escape.  When it’s hot out, we’ve got to be fresh.

Here are a few of my favorite items for summer wear, mostly to beat the heat (but also because the winter would never allow it!).

Warning: This might be very hippie, but alas, summer is hippie season. Near nudity (swimming, duh), forest gallivanting, and open-air music festival time! Every season has its personality, and it’s important to embrace that (I’m always very preppy in the fall. LOVE back to school clothes!).

Tunics: I’m sooo inspired by Middle Eastern and Indian-themed attire. Why?

    • They make great beach and sun cover up
    • My mom wears sheer ones with bright bras, so cute
    • Amazing for the times you’re feeling bloaty

Long Skirts:  Inspired by African prints, if you didn’t feel like a hippie before, this will help.
  • Great for fair skin
  • Great for people who want to stay a little more covered up for modesty’s sake
  • Great for not wanting to shave your legs

 Hair Baubles
  • I don’t care if the trend has come and gone, hair feathers and hair wraps are fair game in the summer.
  • Natural colors are best for people with brown hair. Crazy colors are good for black hair, and pastels look so cute on blondes.  (consider this when dyeing also 😉 )
Footwear:  When partaking of certain substances and walking on uncertain ground, I’ll be donning boots.  Sweaty feet shielded by socks!
    • Frye. Expensive, but worth it
    • Ariat. Super durable and comfy
    • The cowboy boot is always acceptable in the summer
    • Boot Barn has a huge variety and great sales
    • I include Indian fringe boots and moccasins because they are freaking sweet. Not so good for anything off cement, but really fun. Minnetonka fo’ lyfe!
I have these and I love them to DEATH.
The Japanese ALWAYS know whats up with fashion. LOVE.

3 thoughts on “Style Ideas: cool looks for the hot days to come.

  1. That’s actually really funny, because I have almost ginger red hair. My first inclination is to say Au Naturalle, because I love the aesthetic. BUT, if you feel like being bold, i’d say pick a color that contrasts. TEAL!!! GREEN!! and of course, but not a contrast, FUSHIA!! 🙂

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