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Geek Chic: How to Pwn Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13th. It’s coming! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO. Something more awful and nerve-wracking at the mere thought: Mother’s Day! Seriously. I don’t know about you, but I hyperventilate every year about what I plan to get my very Filipino mother for this day of womanly celebration. I think it is because I am forever haunted by this image just in case I fail to deliver. . .

Although I still have difficulty with my own gift giving process to my Tiger Mom, that doesn’t mean I can’t be of some assistance to my Krisrael Geek Chic readers! There are many different perceptions of a mother in today’s society. The popular pictograph below best illustrates my point. . .

Not all mothers want breakfast in bed or a traditional bouquet of one dozen long stem roses. Sometimes you have to deal with a specific type of mom: THE GEEKY MOM. With that being said, below are my top recommendations for the “geek chic” mom in your life. . .

For the Star Wars Mom

1. Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick: Each Star Wars lightsaber candlestick is a  detailed scaled down re-creation of Darth Vader’s blade cast in zinc-alloy and is chrome plated. When purchased it already includes red no-drip candles, but any standard taper candle will fit in this hilt holder. May the romantic Force be with you!

2. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: This high-quality sleeping bag looks just like a Tauntaun! Complete with printed internal intestines and a plush lightsaber zipper pull! When the geeky mom in your life hosts slumber parties for the kids she won’t feel left out in the “cool sleeping bag” club! Way to be Empire Strikes Back style!

3. Star Wars Han Solo Stuck in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray: The Han Solo ice cube tray comes with room for six small, 1.75″ Han Solos and one large, 3.5″ Solo. The silicone on the mold is good down to -40F so it works for ice cubes, however it also works for chocolate molds! Now that is Han Solo deliciousness you cannot say no to!

Works with chocolate too

For the Doctor Who Mom

1. Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar:  It makes authentic TARDIS noises every time a cookie is taken from the jar! I always knew deep down inside that the Doctor had a sweet tooth.

2. Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal:  “This TARDIS-shaped notebook is perfect for keeping track of your timeline, or just writing down your dreams of traveling through time and space with a 900-year-old alien. It’s a handy size for carrying wherever you go and has 160 pages that are ready to contain all of your spoilers and secrets.” This stellar journal pairs well with a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver pen!

3. You Never Forget Your First Doctor Babydoll Shirt: Created with fair trade cotton! This fitted babydoll shirt features the phrase “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” under an inexplicable picture of an old-style British police phone box with a white starburst behind it. Long story short: your geek chic mom really has to LOVE Doctor Who in order to wear this shirt willingly and with pride.

Mo’s Top 5 Geeky Mom Gift Recommendations

1. 8-Bit Flower Bouquet: “The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet looks great standing on a table or hanging on a wall and reminds everyone that our entire reality is only a highly detailed video game being played by omnipotent beings from the 4th dimension.” This is perfect for the geeky mom in your life that doesn’t have a good track record with keeping flowers somewhat alive!

Never Needs Watering

2. The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: Perfect for the mom who is obsessed with teenagers killing each other to save their families! Fantastic. Note: This sarcasm only works if you are familiar with the premise of the Hunger Games book series. For the first time, you will be able to create delicious recipes from the humble District 12 to the extravagant Capitol, including:

  • French Bread from the Mellark Family Bakery
  • Katniss’ Favorite Lamb Stew with Dried Plums
  • Rue’s Roasted Parsnips
  • Gale’s Bone-Pickin’ Big Game Soup
  • Capitol-Grade Dark Chocolate Cake

3. Zombie Family Car Decals: Show your pride in your family with these Zombie Family Car Decals! They are black and white and red all over and include the whole gang: Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Baby, Dog, Cat, and Fish. True geeky mom win!

Happy family

4. Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter: “The finished cookie looks like a Gingerbread x-ray. A GingerDEAD man, if you will. They’re high-quality food-safe ABS plastic is durable, and cleans up quickly.” Nothing says yum like Gingerdead men!

Cuts and presses

5. Wonder Woman Apron: This is the awesome gift for the Wonder Woman mom in your life! Need I say more?

Hopefully after reading this article you feel empowered at your gift giving skills for this upcoming Mother’s Day! Remember you too can pwn Mother’s Day, you just need the right gifts and gadgets to win over the geeky mom in your life!

Until next week: Stay true. Stay you. Stay geek chic! -Mo


7 thoughts on “Geek Chic: How to Pwn Mother’s Day

    • Well you can do a reverse: send her the link and let her know that’s what you are into! Haha! Thanks for following Geek Chic on Krisrael! #winning -Mo

  1. I’m SO excited about cookbooks. lamb+plum!??! yum!!! oh and also the TARDIS cookie jar. i’m on it!

    • I think soon I will cover themed cookbooks, but not just the usual ones like Harry Potter, etc. Haha! Thanks love for the inspiration! =)

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  4. Thank you for the stellar shout out! Make sure you bookmark us to follow Krisrael Geek Chic! Stay true. Stay YOU. Stay geek chic! -Mo

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