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The Male Appearance: Three steps to expression.

Presence and appearance are crucial, but expressing the amazing gentleman you are through your attire can be a daunting task.

Oh! Well, hello. I didn’t see you sitting there.

Oh! Well, hello. I didn’t see you sitting there.

However, as Yoda aided Luke, I am here to be your tour guide through every step a man must take to present himself in the best possible light. Fear not, young grasshopper, for speak in a cryptic language I will not. I will keep it simple and keep it real. I will be honest with you if you promise to be honest with yourself.

Mad Men

Mad Men’s allure: dapper gentlemen exuding elegance and class, without arrogance.

In my experience, the best things come in threes: 3-day weekends and a good buzz (three Manhattans should give anyone a good buzz). I will add my advice to that list. From here on out, all of my advice will come in three parts.

This week’s my advice involves foundational principles; I will reiterate them frequently. They are Values, Goals and Incorporation.

1. Values – What is near and dear to your heart? Values are not actions, goals, or ambitions, but rather a concept your actions and goals fulfill. Traveling is a goal, but adventure could be your value. Making money is a goal, but security is a value. If you haven’t taken the time to identify your values, then you should. Value CircleYou might be surprised. This will add substance to your life and your actions, and ultimately make you a happier person. Maintaining a positive presence and appearance is more believable if you are happy with yourself and your life (or at least the direction of your life). Be sure to write them down! Doing so makes them more real and achievable.

Goals Quote

My goals are posted on my door to my room and my mirror.

2.Goals – Everyone should have goals: goals for working out, eating, career paths, relationships, etc. You should have a goal for your appearance as well. Do you want to be more distinguished? What do you want your appearance to say about you? How do you want others to see you? As we learn about men’s style, keep in mind what you are trying to achieve. Again, be sure to write your goals down and visibly post them where you look every day.


Is this really how you want to remember yourself?

3. Incorporation – I don’t believe in blindly following trends. They are short lived and give us tragedies such as bleached hair, denim overload, and sagging pants (I know, I know. . . many are trying to keep it alive. But come on. Let’s put it six feet under already!) However, incorporating current fashion into your wardrobe keeps you relevant, strengthens your creativity and makes you more noticeable. Anyone who understands style can appreciate applying and incorporating a trend to fit your personality. Plus, in the end, you will feel more comfortable.

My goal is to help men look good and feel better about themselves. We want to build confidence in our appearance and in our choices. The concepts from here on out can be applied to fit most individual styles. Next week, we will start from the ground up with the three basic shoes every guy should own.

Until then, keep it classy.

The Guy with the Red Hair.

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