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Photolust: Flower Wild

Another brilliant stumble upon! I am so impressed by the expansive portfolio of Flower Wild. I went through their blog and pulled over 50 photos that I thought you would enjoy and then realized you might have allergies. So I’ve pared it down to just under 40 😉 As summer is approaching at a rapid pace, and we enter wedding season, it seems so appropriate to have a post dedicated to Kate Holt’s beautiful arrangements.

Kate says:

Would I say that flowers run thru my veins? Perhaps, poetically speaking. What I know for certain is that my love of flowers comes from family, from wonderful memories of planting gardens with my parents, from building my own family, watching them grow, and then finally helping my clients with their vision of their wedding day – a day that is the foundation of a new family. My philosophy is simple…never force a flower, let it breathe and sway. Let it show itself off in a flourish of petals. It is safe to say these blooms know what they are doing by now, evolving from miniscule little specks to their present day glory. I encourage my clients to pick flowers that make them happy, colors that make them glow, and then let our style and detailing stand the test of time and trends for you. Some might call it timelessly elegant, romantically whimsical, ethereal and moody – but the truth is our designs are all these things, as you are all these things. Through flowers, I work to express the personalities and sensibilities of my clients and create the true esscence of their wedding day.

Enjoy the beauty of a true artist in the rest of this post.

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