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Dating and interviewing are the same thing.

I guess I should start with saying this: I’m back on the prowl for a new challenge in my life aka: the job that will take me to the next level. I have many friends that work in the tech industry and they often tell me something like “and then I moved to ____ company and that’s when things started picking up.” Well, a year out of college and I’m ready for take off. Maybe this isn’t rational but quite frankly:

Who wants to be rational anymore anyway!?!

On Monday I had a job interview for a company that I think may know a thing or two about accelerating to the next level.  I was nervous, to the point where I had to roll up my sleeves because I was sweating, but I think in honesty it was more the anxiety of meeting a new group of people that could possibly be my teachers, friends, and future.

just one foot in front of the other Kris, you can do it.

In these moments of sweating while trying to explain your past experiences I came to realize  that job interviews are just like first dates.

The Prep: You give yourself extra time to get ready and put your game face on. Maybe you talk to yourself in the mirror, practice some of your casual-yet-still-firm-and-informed responses. Put on your pre-selected (perhaps even lucky?) outfit and you’re out the door– 15 minutes before you had to be.

The Introduction: Awkward and slightly uncertain you’re in the right place, you brace yourself. You walk around that final corner, trying to wipe any apprehension or tension off your face with the most pleasant smile you’ve got. Throat full of heartbeats, you play it cool as you shake hands (possibly fumbling) and within a few basic questions you find yourself settled and ready to get down to business.

I love inspirational typography.

Make or Break: The next hour can only be roughly estimated by past experiences and the urban legends your friends have told you. Your first impression was crucial, but the meat of the encounter is where you’ve got to prove that you have what it takes. You will be asked a series of questions; you must answer according to the listeners preferences and body language. A good combination of comical and serious, show off your personality, but not the extremes of it. Moderation, moderation, moderation! Try not to do anything embarrassing like have a sneezing attack, or laugh really loudly out of nervousness.

You’ll always get bonus points for having a friend in common, showing up on time, and giving a sincere compliment.

In the end you’ll know if you made it by the amount of time this sections takes. It could be really short, they could seem absolutely uninterested in you, and parting ways can be easy. Ripping off the bandaid before it even had time to adhere.

Or they could love you, want to introduce you to everyone they know, and see you again tomorrow.

But usually . . . it’s somewhere in between. (Although I’ve experienced both of the extremes as well)

Departing: All in all you want it to be cordial and gain a mutual appreciation for each other and hope that they’ll ask to see you again with the intention of a long term relationship. No matter what though, you’d like them to be honest, and to let you know if they don’t think it will work out for whatever reason. Because you’re cool like that and you understand that it’s got to be a fit for both of you.

You leave with the same smile you came in with, hoping for the best. But if things don’t work out you’ll be at your house throwing a pity party.

nothing like a silly, yet encouraging offensive sign to make you feel better about yourself right?

Sign optional.

Alright that’s enough! I hope you too could see some of the parallels between dating and job interviews. Everyone have a happy Friday and just as an FYI I heard yesterday that I have been moved to the next round of interviewing. Fingers crossed that I’ll have some great news to share with you soon — and if not, there are plenty of fish in the sea right? (sorry, had to.)


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3 thoughts on “Dating and interviewing are the same thing.

  1. Great parallels!! Made me start to break out in a sweat when I realized how long it had been since I did either of these, and I pray I don’t have to!! Good luck on the next round!!

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