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Alternative Ideas for Mother’s Day

We have once again come to that weekend when we show our moms (or mom-like parental figures) how much we appreciate them.

And nothing says “Mom, you’re the best!” better than 1-800-FLOWERS, right? *insert gagging noises here*

If you missed the Geek Chic Mother’s Day post, check it out here! A great post on off-the-wall gifts for mom! No Kay Jewelers for us! Let’s add to that post by going over some other options, shall we?

Even though I am a mom, I struggle every year with what to do for Mother’s Day. On one hand, I’d love to get my mom something non-traditional and interesting–like the current Groupon deal for horseback riding. I want to get my mom the coolest gift she’s ever gotten. Let’s ignore the fact that I’m an only child and I’m competing with myself. Is that one of the healthy forms of competition? If someone could Google that for me, that’d be great. . .

*I would like to help you get ideas for Mother’s Day by telling you what I’m actually doing for my mom, but there’s an incredibly good chance that my mom will read this post. No surprise ruining for me, sorry!*

On the other hand, all I want for Mother’s Day is to be able to sleep in and have some peace and quiet. Remember that childhood book 5 Minutes Peace? Welcome to my life. Granted, my son is 7. If at your age you’re still acting like a 7-year old, then give your mom the day off. She’s tired. Leave her alone. Treat her to a day at the spa.

Since I know that I’m not going to get a 6-hour long massage followed by a facial and mud bath, I’m opting for quality time with my little man. Probably in an activity that involves little parenting. (Hey, it’s my holiday, isn’t it?!) I’m thinking about taking my son to see a movie after my morning run. ‘Avengers’, anyone?

Despite popular belief, moms have lives, too. So let’s think about what your mom would enjoy! Is your mom a socialite? It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, so take mom out for an al fresco lunch followed by a long walk. Does mom have a competitive side? Bowling! Sports fan? Baseball game! Does your mom love her garden? Get her some new flowers and help her plant them! If you’re struggling for event/outing ideas, check out websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and GoldStar. They normally have great ideas for activities in the area, or wherever your mom may be living.

Are you catching my drift here? DO something with you mom this weekend! Coming from a mom’s perspective: seriously, we just want to spend time with our kids without having to nag you to clean your bedroom. If you feel the need for a gift, we’d really like something handmade, something unique, or something that you didn’t spend a bunch of money on. I’d rather have a still-wet finger painted card than a mass-produced and mass-advertised necklace from Kay Jewelers.

Bottom line? Give mom the greatest gift she could ever get: YOU! Grab your momma and go DO SOMETHING this weekend. Spend time with your mom! We can never get enough of our babies.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Mother’s Day! Please comment telling us what you and your mamacita did for MD 2012.

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