Photolust: Devin Begley Photography and the Decobelles

My friend from high school, Devin Begley, has always been a talented guy. Seems like no matter what he does he has been good at it — and photography is no exception. His work originally caught my eye when he was in college shooting theater pieces for a school production of Cabaret, and his portfolio just grew from there. Below is a series of shots from an event with the Decobelles who work in partnership with the Art Deco Society providing atmosphere and entertainment circa 1920-40’s
As Devin said to me in a recent email “it is always incredible to shoot,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Devin Begley is a Californian professional photographer. He currently resides in the Bay Area, orchestrating shoots between San Francisco and Los Angeles. While receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, Devin merged his understanding of honest expression with an eye for anticipating the moment. Always striving for cinema quality stills has provided a catalog of work that breathes with life, story and imagination.
See more of Devin’s work by visiting his online portfolio at and his Smug Mug Gallery, including a recent shoot at the Art Deco Society Ball at
You can also learn more about The Art Deco Society of California the Decobelles (including videos of their live performances) by clicking the links on their names.
Thanks again Devin for sharing your fantastic photos with our readers and a Happy Monday to everyone!

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